Alefba II N°2

  • initial ring
  • ring made of two letters of your choice
  • sterling silver
  • your exact ring size on request. ring size guide


sterling silver


this ring will be specially made for you. please allow 4-5 weeks for production.


189,00 €

ا    (a)

ب   (b)

پ   (p)

ت   (t)

ث   (s)

ج   (dj, j)

چ   (ch)

ح   (h)

خ   (kh)

د    (d)

ذ    (z)

ر    (r)

ز    (z)

ژ    (j)

س  (s)

ش  (sh)

ص   (s)

ض   (z)

ط     (t)

ظ     (z)

ع     (eyn)

غ     (gheyn)

ف    (f)

ق     (gh)

ک   (k)

گ   (g)

ل    (l)

م    (m)

ن    (n)

و    (w)

ه    (h)

ی    (i)

please choose your letters:

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